Saturday, October 14, 2006


Ignoring the devil and his evil takes away his power over you...I do not serve the devil by listening to his lies and doubting Gods Power over evil...If my faith is only a mustard seed in size, how much GREATER is the AWESOME POWER of GOD...JESUS would have nothing to do with the devil either...He told him to go away...He said to worship GOD and serve HIM ONLY..Maybe only a minority of people can see just how POWERFUL GOD is...HIS Love, Mercy , Truth, and Grace will see me through anything and also take care of anything the devil may try to tell me...If anyone thinks they can do a better job or want to help GOD with HIS PERFECT PLAN I wish them well...GOD gave us all choices to make...I choose GOD...HE made all that exists so I trust HIS WORD and enjoy HIS LOVE...It is not the devil we have to fight...It is ourselves and our hearts...We fight evil by filling our spirit with the LORD so there is no room for the devil in us...An often hard but worthy ambition...Go away satan...I worship and serve only GOD...Thank you LORD for giving me the strength to worship and love YOU through the bad times...Dave...

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